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Ardesia Media provides video services for firms, production companies and private customers. Covering events, showreel, business presentations, commercial spots, educational videos, services for production companies: all is included in the range of services addressed to enterprises and private companies, according to the needs and target of the customer. The staff at disposal follows, step by step, the production phases: from the foul proof to the final ideation, from the realization of video contents to the presentation toward personalized packaging. The professional equipment supplied enables besides to produce high profile contents from a technical point of view. For the aerial frames Ardesia Media makes use of certified and registered drones piloted by personnel authorized Enac with pilot’s license SAPR.



The staff of Ardesia Media supervises the customer during all the phases of realization of the video contents. From the definition of the foul proof to the precise ideation, from the executive production to the final presentation with dedicated and personalized packaging.



The technical sector of Ardesia Media makes use of certified professional equipment to realize full HD and 4K contents according to the needs of the final customer. The operators are available to give all the answers, which the screenplay requires, from a technical point of view.



Ardesia Media provides a set of aerial photo video pictures in high definition. The drones used are provided with all the specifications required from the current legislation. Certificate Enac, liability insurance, personnel with pilot’s license SAPR for professional imageries in high quality and in total security.

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