Project Description

Beauty is not a gift but a continue research inside and outside, made of joy, pain, satisfaction, compromise. Beauty is when you hear a two hundred years old tree’s voice. Beauty is when you prove yourself you can face the iron, dominating the fire.

This tetralogy is about materials and their soul. Every chapter is dedicated to a material (wood, iron, stone, glass). Through a trip inside history, tradition, schools, contemporary high-quality handicraft and art, we’ll present a “vertical” walk of materials toward height. Stories of men and their hands. Stories of materials. Stories in which men’s hands bring out the soul of materials into the fascination of the Italian landscape. Dolomites, Venice, Toscany, Cremona are some of the places we’ve recorded in. At the end of this journey you will breath all the inspirations of the most talented handicrafts and artists. People who spent their life with passion and devotion.